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Parashat Vayelech/Yom Kippur/Teshuva Lectures and Essays

Parashat Vayelech/Yom Kippur/Teshuva 

Lectures and Essays




The Absurdity of Teshuva



The Ten Days of Holiness




Ten Days of Teshuva Cosmic Reconciliation




Teshuva and Recidivism

If a person sincerely repents, yet succumbs to sin again - was the repentance worthless?


Yom Kippur Transcendent Purity




Parashat Vayelech

Partial Teshuva


Poisonous Minds


Mutual Responsibility


Divine Testimony


Hakahel and Chag Haasif

Getting Back to the Garden



Partial Teshuva


In Hiding


The End of the Shmita Year: An Opportunity to Begin Again


Gather the People

All For One and One For All (5760)


Yom Kippur - Teshuva:



Tying the Knot


Partial Teshuva


(Teshuva) For the Love of God


Men in Black - License to Sin?


“Shuvu Banim”


Going to Azazel


Teshuva the connection between the Individual and the collective


The Disappearance of Truth


The Ten Days of Teshuva


Yom Kippur and Transcendence

Teshuva and Complete Teshuva


The Teshuva of Resh Lakish version 1  -2010

The Teshuva of Resh Lakish -version 2  -2013-


Yom Kippur and Affliction


Book review of "When God is Near" by Rav Amital


Lectures in Hebrew: שיעורים בעברית


כל נדרי - תפילה עם 9 נשמות (Kol Nidrie – a prayer with nine lives- Hebrew)


חולה ביום הכיפורים -  שיטת ר' חיים


מְעֻוָּת לֹא־יוּכַל לִתְקֹן




התשובה של ריש לקיש

האם להודיע לבעל שאשתו אסורה?


Sources for Shabbat Shuva Drasha – 

"Radical (Antinomian) Lessons From Yonah"


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