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Torah for Pesach

Torah for Pesach

Rabbi Ari Kahn


Audio Shiurim for Pesach



1.   A Loving Sister

2.   A New King - who Forgot Yosef (5772)

3.   A Second Pesach- A Second Chance

4.   A Sign Of Redemption

5.   And His Name Will Be One

6.   Armed (and Dangerous?)

7.   Around Midnight

8.   Bereishit a Retrospective

9.   Blueprint of Redemption

10.                Bread from Heaven

11.                Building Holiness

12.                Chametz and Idolatry 

13.                Chametz and Matzah - The Korban Pesach and Korban Todah

14.                Collecting Straw

15.                Counting the Omer in Machshava

16.                Crossing the Sea; a people divided

17.                Dayenu: Giving Thanks

18.                Deserving Freedom

19.                Eclipsing the Sun God

20.                Emancipation from Mental Slavery 

21.                Extension of Holiness

22.                Faster than the Speed of Light

23.                Finding our Voices

24.                Fixing the Throne

25.                Frogs

26.                Holy Vessels

27.                It's about the Children

28.                Kayin & Hevel; Proper and improper Korbanot

29.                Kitavo -bikurim and history

30.                Knowledge In Exile (The Haftorah)

31.                Leaving Egypt in Haste - Shabbat Hagadol

32.                Leaving Egypt Leaving Lavan

33.                Leaving Egypt with the Vilna Gaon and Messiach ben Yosef 

34.                Lessons in Leadership (As published in Jerusalem Report)
Lifting our Heads to Heaven

35.                Losing Our Religion

36.                Machine Matzot - Some History, Some Halacha

37.                Manifestation of Hashem's Names

38.                Miracles and Song

39.                Moshe's Inspiration

40.                Mourning of the Omer

41.                No Hesitation

42.                Parshat B’shalach / Crossing the Sea; a people divided

43.                Parshat Bo - Did Leaving Egypt Include Deception?

44.                Pesach - Four Sons - Four Questions

45.                Pesach matzah maror; biblical antecedents.

46.                Pesach Sheni

47.                Pharaoh the Joker

48.                Pharaoh's Conundrum

49.                Pharaoh's Heart

50.                Pharaoh's Responses to the Plagues

51.                Pharaoh’s Conundrum

52.                Pointing A Finger

53.                Preparing for Holiness

54.                Rebbi Yehuda gave Simanim

55.                Reflections on a Zoom Seder

56.                Regarding Chametz and Kitniot in Israel on Shabbat Isru Chag

57.                Regarding kitniyot:

58.                Sale of Chametz - "Legal Fiction"?

59.                Second Chances

60.                Seeing the Future

61.                Signs Wonders and Punishments

62.                Stages of Freedom

63.                Stringencies on Pesach (good or bad?)

64.                Microcosm of Redemption

65.                Raising Moshe

66.                Shmot - a Brief Overview What Is FREEDOM

67.                Straw 

68.                Sunset of the Regime - Leaving Egypt

69.                tazria-Parshat Hachodesh

70.                The Beginning of Redemption

71.                The Book of Shmot an Introduction:

72.                The Choice of Moshe as Leader

73.                The Dual Aspects of Sefirat Haomer

74.                The Evolving Haggada

75.                The Fifth Cup

76.                The four Expression of Redemption and the Brit Bein Habitarim

77.                The Haftorah for Vaera - the exile of Knowledge

78.                The Holy and Delicate Constitution of the Land of Israel

79.                The Idea of Counting

80.                The Metamorphosis of Moshe

81.                The Moment of Freedom

82.                The Omer - Linking Pesach and Shavuot

83.                The Path to Transcendence

84.                The Plague of "Frogs" and Kiddush Hashem 

85.                The Redeemers

86.                The Redemption Whisperer

87.                The Revealed Motive of the Exodus

88.                The Secret Behind the Chametz Prohibition

89.                The Secret of Redemption

90.                The Secret of Spring

91.                The Seventh Day- The Natural and the Miraculous

92.                The Unraveling of Egypt

93.                The Vicissitudes of a Minhag; the Story of Kitniot

94.                The wickedness of the wicked son; a textual analysis

95.                Torah Readings for Pesach

96.                Trajectory of Freedom

97.                Transcending Time

98.                Tumah, Hyssop and the Korban Pesach 

99.                Who Forgot - and Who Remembered Yosef? (5773)

100.            You Say You Want a Devolution

101.            אכילת ערב שבת וערב פסח

102.            חייב אדם לעסוק בהלכות הפסח כל הלילה

103.            חמץ שאינה ראויה לאנשים וכלבים

104.            יציאת מצרים - יציאת יעקב לפי הגאון מוילנא

105.            שהחיינו על שיר השירים


Essays: for Pesach

1.   A New Book, An Old Story 

2.   Around Midnight

3.   Around Midnight

4.   Born to Lead

5.   Collecting Straw

6.    Devolution

7.   Frogs

8.   Haggadah based on the teachings of Rav Soloveitchik

הגדה של פסח – עוד יוסף חי


9.   In Search of Chametz:

10.                It’s the Children

11.                Matzah and Chametz

12.                No Hesitation

13.                Of Matzot and Mitzvot

14.                Parashat B'shalach - Winds of Salvation

15.                Parashat Bo 5775 It’s the Children

16.                Parashat Shmot 5775 Redemption Song

17.                Parshat B’shalach: The Eleventh Plague

18.                Pharaoh's Heart

19.                Pharaoh’s Conundrum

20.                Rabbi Yehuda gave them Signs

21.                Regarding Chametz and Kitniot in Israel on Shabbat Isru Chag

22.                Shabbat HaGadol
The Collapse of the Pyramid Scheme

 Songs of Freedom

23.                The Dignity of Mitzvot - Parshat Bo

24.                The Eleventh Plague

25.                The Fifth Cup

26.                The First Born

27.                The Long Shortcut - Parshat B'Shalach

28.                The Steps of Freedom

29.                The Wicked Son in the Passover Haggadah

30.                Time for Freedom

31.                Total Eclipse

32.                Winds of Salvation



Five Minute Talks and YouTube

Audio -The Birth of Redemption




Audio-  The Beginning of Redemption



5-minute Shiur

Remembering Yosef






Setbacks on the Way to Redemption



Crocodile Rock



Bad Decisions

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Five-minute shiur

The Dance of Faith


Finding our Voices



It's about the Children



Seeing the Future



Five-Minute Torah– 

The Secret of Redemption




Five-minute Torah – The Stages of Freedom






Lifting our Heads to Heaven


Parashat B'shalach Lifting Heads Toward Heaven


Five-minute shiur

Audio - Finding Our Voices

Youtube -Finding Our Voices


הגדה של פסח – עוד יוסף חי


Haggadah based on the Teachings of Harav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik Zatza"l

Collected and semi-edited by Rabbi Ari Kahn