Thursday, December 26, 2019

Audio and Essays Parashat Miketz/ Chanuka

Friday, December 20, 2019

Audio and Essays Parashat Vayeshev

Audio and Essays Parashat Vayeshev


New Shiur

Yosef and Yehuda: Tzadik and Baal Teshuva? Chasid and Litvak?




New Essay

The Imagined Trials and Real Tribulations of Yosef



The Price of Brotherhood



Hebrew Chanukah Shiur

הפולמוס סביב הדלקת נרות חנוכה


Five minute Audio - Unequal

New shiur

Fixing Family

Yosef's brilliant plan to unite his family - which succeeded in an unanticipated manner.


Worse than you Thought – 5 min. audio


Worse than you Thought - YouTube

Unequal YouTube




The Imaginary Trials and Real Tribulations of Yosef


Theory of Conservation of Characters


Blame the Victim


And here's to you Mrs Potifar


The Man Who Would Be King


Reuvain and Yosef


המלכות שלא היה



The Dynamics of a Dysfunctional Patriarchal Family


Anointing a King


The Light of Mashiach




A Dysfunctional Family


Yehuda and Yosef


Parshat Vayeshev and Chanuka


שנאה ואהבה במכירת יוסף -שיעור לט' באב

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נוח לו לאדם שיפיל את עצמו לתוך כבשן האש

Laws of Embarrassing others (Hebrew)







Worse Than you Thought

Parashat Vayeshev 5776 Family Dynamics


Reading the Signs


A Contentious Coat


For a Pair of Shoes


Ketz Bavel –Zerubavel


Wisdom of the Tzaddik


Clothes Make the Man


The Light of the Messiah





Why are there 8 (and not 7 or 9) days of Chanuka (Hebrew)



Chanukat Hamizbayach; History and Theology


Chanukah - Candles and Unicorns


Women and Chanukah candles


Parshat Vayeshev and Chanuka


Chanuka Candles and Danger


Chachmat Yavan - Greek Wisdom


Pirsumie Nisa



Guests on Chanuka Part 1


Guests on Chanuka Part 2


Sufgniot Pat Haba Bkisnin


Chanukah Candles on Erev Shabbat



Thursday, December 12, 2019

Audio and Essays Parashat Vayishlach

Audio and Essays Parashat Vayishlach


New - Lecture

The Blame Game



New essay (hopefully the link will work later today)

A Multifaceted Injury



Three Confrontations


Three Confrontations



Sarah's Protege

Sarah's Protege
 (5 minute version of The Unsung Hero)



Esav and his Henchman  



Fighting Angels, Facing Demons



Yaacov's Multidimensional Injury

What are the various ways one can understand the injury to Yaacov in his epic battle with his mysterious assailant? And what does this have to do with Esav's tattoo?


The Unsung Hero – Full Shiur


An Old Perpetual Enemy


Fear and Trembling


Fighting Angels facing Demons (Full lecture)


Fighting angels facing demons -  5 minute - Audio

Esav and his Henchman- Five minute -Audio

Struggle of Yakov and Esav from Birth to Almost Death


The Struggle of Yaakov and Esav; Yom Kippur and Sukkot


שלש שיטות בגיד הנשה


Yakov's Struggle; Identifying the Angel of Esav


Struggling with Angels


Yakov and Yisrael


The Death of Rachel


The Ultimate Defeat of Esav by Yosef (Haftorah)


Yakov Esav and Yosef


The Name Yisrael


Theological Echoes of The Confrontation between Yakov and Esav


Kol and Rav -Michal and Meirav; The Secret Identity of King David


Preparing for Battle


Who are You - Yakov or Yisrael?


Parashat Vayishlach - Yakov and Yisrael




Esav and his Henchmen



Fighting Angels facing Demons


Parashat Vayishlach Homeward Bound


Preparing for Battle, Praying for Peace


Confronting Your Fears


Give Truth to Yaakov


Yaakov / Yisrael




The Struggle of Jacob


חנוכה - שבת כא-כב



Parashat Vayishlach Esav and his Henchmen

Vayishlach Fighting Angels, Facing Demons