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Rami Mizrachi ZT”L

Rami Mizrachi ZT”L

When I was in Yeshiva (Har Etzion -"Gush") in 1980 there was a bright young man who lived in the room next door, his name was Rami Mizrachi.
Though we had had a number of conversations, we were not close but cordial. In retrospect it was probably the language and cultural barriers which prevented us from getting closer.
Rami fell in battle in Lebanon in the summer of 1982. A few years ago one of his closest friends Rav Benzion Nemet ZT”L, shared with me the following postcard which was the last letter that Rami wrote. It arrived at his parent's home after he was killed, Benzion was sitting there as the family was preparing to go to the funeral. The postman knocked on the door, and with tears streaming down his face, gave this postcard to Rami's parents.

Rami from Ari Kahn



To the Mizrachi Family Shalom Rav

Dear Mother and Father,
Today is Erev Shabbat kodesh the time is 12 noon, and I almost don't feel the Shabbat coming. My clothes are filthier than I can remember them being, I wont even mention my hands and face. But the most important thing is that our morale is extremely high. At this moment above us mortars are being shot (by our forces).
We just got a message that a cease-fire should soon be implemented. Let us hope that this really is the end (of hostilities) for it is a shame about all the soldiers who died or were injured. I have nothing else special to write, but remember as I do, that the most important thing is, as the Rambam writes, the real battle we fight is on declaring the oneness of G-ds name. And let it be fulfilled in us "G-d will fight for you, and you shall be silent". May we all be greatly strengthened by this, with G-ds help. Be strong and brave for our people and the cities of G-d…

I'll see you soon

Shabbat shalom

On this day when Israel remembers her fallen soldiers, let us remember
Rami's teaching - the real battle is to spread the oneness of G-d
throughout our people and the world
All the soldiers who died created a kiddush Hashem - a sanctification of
G-ds name. We must remember that we can and must create a kiddush Hashem
while we live, the world it seems needs it just as much as it did in 1982. May Rami's memory, and the memory of all the fallen soldiers be a
blessing for all of Israel.

Ari Kahn

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