Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Echoes of Eden

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chag sameach!

Book reviews

Here are some emails sent internally among Aish Hatorah staff and friends:

Rabbi Eric Most wrote 
"I wanted to pass along some good news that I just received from Rabbi 
Ari Kahn, who many of you know. A third volume of his sefer Echoes of Eden has just been published - as of this point, Bereishis, Shmos and Vayikra are all available. For those of who are familiar with the work, nothing more needs to be said, and if you are not familiar, it is an incredible source of Torah learning available in English. The books are appropriate both for the beginner and the advanced student/teacher. It is written in very clear yet sophisticated English, and every idea is sourced - further parallel ideas are also footnoted. A teacher can easily use this as a text to help prepare a class or to learn with a student, and many of the footnotes provide sources for new classes. I highly recommend this series (much of which appeared in a more basic form

and Rabbi Elchanan Shoff
"I want to second Rabbi Most's enthusiastic recommendation.
The books are amazing. They are truly one of a kind - though such things do exist in Hebrew, or at least similar books, there is nothing at all ever written in English that is this deep, sourced, and user friendly.
If you have the books, you have a few good pieces that you can use with your students of all levels (literally), with your family, and for yourself, if you like a high level of learning in English.
It's not the cheapest book out there - but it's worth any other 10 parsha books - so it's actually priced quite reasonably!
אם לא עכשיו אימתי!

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff author of:
PARADISE: Breathtaking Strolls Through the Length and Breadth of Torah Published by Urim Publications 

 I am hoping to do a review on Rabbi Kahn’s Genesis in the not-too-distant future. I enjoy watching how his mind works. I consider him one of the finest Orthodox thinkers since Nechama Leibowitz–much more satisfying than R. Jonathan Sacks.

Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel 

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