Sunday, July 27, 2014

Essays and Audio Shiurim D'varim and Tisha B’av

Essays and Audio Shiurim D'varim and Tisha B’av
May God have compassion on the people of Israel her brave soldiers and citizens. May we hear good news and have a peaceful Shabbat.
There is a lot of material here – enough to keep you busy all of Tisha Bav –

The Echoes of Eden Project: Parashat D’varim – Tisha B’av
The Price of Hatred

Special for 5th of Av Yahzeit of the AriZal
Safed (Tzfat)

with Hebrew –
Feeling Small
with Hebrew –
The Words of Moses

*New* - Sources of Hatred
Belief in God's Words
Moshe's words
Dynamics of Prayer

For Tisha B’av

*New* -The Sins which caused the Churban

3 Sins Of Tisha Bav

9 Bav

9 Days Part 1

9 Days Part 2

Kol Vyad TishaBav

The Churban

The Carpenter The Apprentice And His Wife

Tisha Bav 08 Hebrew

The Source of Hatred

Tisha Bav 5767 Hebrew

Tisha Bav 5767

Tisha Bav 5769 Chillul Hashem And Churban

Tisha Bav Laws of mourning

Tisha Bav -Two brothers

When Tisha B'Av Falls on Shabbat (are marital relations allowed)

Rabbi Tzadok; Feeling the Pain of the Community

Playing Hide and Seek with God (Tisha Bav)

Tisha Bav , the 17th of Tammuz and mistaken calculations

Tisha Bav 5773 - Because of a Rooster and a Hen

The relationship between the 17th of Tamuz and Tisha BAv

Playing Hide and Seek with God (Tisha Bav)


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