Sunday, June 21, 2015

Audio and Essays Parashat Chukat

Audio and Essays Parashat Chukat

New Echoes of Eden Project:
Parashat Hukat 5775  -Déjà vu – all over again?
Déjà vu – all over again?
What was the sin that Moshe was guilty of? Why were Moshe and Aharon punished?
How death permeates the Parasha, why Para Aduma is needed

Parshat Chukat / Yiftach and Morality Haftorah – during usual years

Parshat Chukat

Parshat Chukat / The Sin of the People (Pushing Moshe over the edge)

The Para Adumah and the Death of Moshe

Living the Dream; Ignoring Reality

The Ultimate Battle: Morality

To Truly Believe

"Manna or Thistles"


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