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Parshat Nitzavim and Rosh Hashana- Audio and Essays

Parshat Nitzavim and Rosh Hashana- Audio and Essays

Echoes of Eden Project
New –

Parashat Nitzavim 5775 A Holy Collective


Rewriting History

Mutual Responsibility

The Happiness of Rosh Hashanah

Getting Back to the Garden

Parshat Nitzavim // Returning To God
The dynamics of Teshuva

Parshat Nitzavim /Teshuvah
Teshuvah, Rosh Hashanah, Coronation God as King
returning to God and God returning to the land

Parshat Nitzavim // Becoming a Nation
Transferring leadership from Moshe to Yoshua / Transferring responsibility from Moshe to the entire nation / Bringing light to the world

New –  
Kol Nidrie (Hebrew)

Simana Milta –(in Hebrew)
Why we eat special things Rosh Hashana night – and why this is not a problem

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah - Part I

Rosh Hashanah - Part II

The Multifaceted Shofar

Why blow the shofar

The Prayer of the Shofar

The Sound of the Shofar

Tishrei - What's the Connection

Akaidat Yitzchak and Yishmael

Teshuva; Personal Re-Creation

Repercussion of Sin

Teshuva and Complete Teshuva



Gather the People

The Idea of Rosh Hashana

All For One and One For All

Aher - A Scholar Gone Astray

Rabbi Eleazar ben Dordaya: A Story of Teshuva

Rosh Hashanah / The Sound of the Shofar

Rosh Hashanah / Not Blowing the Shofar: Kabbalat Ol Malchut Shamayim

Rosh Hashanah Elkana and Chana

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