Thursday, August 8, 2019

Parashat Devarim/ Tisha Bav

Parashat Devarim/ Tisha Bav




"When are we Getting Married Already?"


Eleven Days




Instilling Faith


YouTube for Tisha Bav:

Sparks in the Straits: Inspiration for the Three Weeks with Rabbi Ari Kahn


Antecedent of Destruction-Audio



Antecedent of Destruction -YouTube:




A Lesson in Leadership


A Just Society


Leadership Crisis Redux


The Unbearable Heaviness of Being Moshe

Leaving Horeb

Loving Jews

שתים מקרא ואחד רש״י


Tisha Bav Audio

Kinnah #4: Separation Anxiety


Shabbat Mikdash and Churban


Antecedent of Destruction


Leaving Torah


The Carpenter, the Apprentice, and his wife. (The Moment the Churban was decreed)


From Churban to Holocaust and the Creation of a Modern Midrash


The Oldest Hatred Redux


Hatred and Holiness


Sources of Hatred


Tu Bav


Why Two Rebukes?


Bava Ben Buta; The Blind Man who saw the Impending Churban

The Oldest Hatred Redux


The Sins which caused the Churban


Because of a Rooster and a Hen?

Rabbi Tzadok; Feeling the Pain of the Community


The Story of the Spies; What was Moshe Thinking?


Playing Hide and Seek with God (Tisha Bav)


Tisha Bav , the 17th of Tammuz and mistaken calculations

Tisha bav chilul Hashem and Churban


Feeling Small


The Source of Hatred


When Tisha B'Av Falls on Shabbat (are marital relations allowed)


תשעה באב שחל בשבת

תשעה באב בשבת


שבוע שחל בו ט' באב


שנאה ואהבה במכירת יוסף -שיעור לט' באב




Feeling Small(with Hebrew sources)

Feeling Small

The Words of Moses

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being Moshe

It's About Time

The Price of Hatred


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