Friday, June 24, 2022

Rabbi Yair Chamudot and Rabbi Chaim Yechiel Michael Bick

 As I was learning the last few pages of Yevamot – when a person can be declared dead, and a wife be declared a widow. I recalled a document sent to me by my cousin Rabbi David Chamudot.

 It describes a Beit Din which was convened to declare a husband dead. The family who had the document asked Rabbi Chamudot – if he was related to or knew anything about a Rabbi Chamudot (Chamedes) who was a member of the Beit Din. He responded that it was his (our) great-grandfather - Rabbi Yair Chamedes  (both R’ David and I have brothers Yair named after him). The family had not been able to find any information about this rabbi and had wondered for years. When I saw the document, I realized that another member of that Beit Din Rabbi Chaim Yechiel Michael Bick  who was a well know Posek and who lived in Bensonhurst (and grandfather of Rabbi Ezra Bick), also had a connection with our family – growing up in Bensonhurst, my father had a relationship with Rabbi Bick – and when I was born asked him to serve as my Sandak. I enjoyed seeing two great rabbis – who I felt an affinity towards – signing together to release this agunah.

Rabbi Bick gave my father a hard time with the name “ARI” – yes that is my name – not short for anything else. My father opened some sefarim and Rabbi Bick backed down…


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