Monday, April 20, 2009

Tazria Metzorah 5769

Tazria_Metzorah_5769 silvergleam Rabbi Ari D. Kahn's Dvar Torah on Parshiot Tazria-Metzorah in 2009.

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Reb Mordechai Reviews said...

Hyssop is present in the Pesach Seder!
Dear Rav Ari Kahn. Beautiful Parsha but I'd like to add that Hyssop is present at the Seder. The Kli Yakar draws a comparison between eizov (hyssop) and lashon hara and tumat met. At the first Seder in Mitzrayim, Am Yisrael dipped the hyssop into the blood of the korban Pesach as a tshuva for Yoseph's brothers dipping his coat into the blood of goat (ie as a tshuva for the sinat chinum of the brothers and the lashon hara of Yoseph). We remember this dipping at our Seder by dipping our karpas into wine vineger (a rememberence of the blood). Many Haggadot mention this minhag of dipping in wine vineger rather than salt water. (The vineger has to be wine vinegar as fruit vineger does not conduct tuma and there would be no need to wash hands!!!). The Karpas can be any raw green vegetable (See Kol Dodi on Karpas) including eizov which the Saadiah Gaon identifies as Za'ater hyssup, a type of oregano.