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Audio and Essays Parashat Shelach

Audio and Essays Parashat Shelach

New Echoes of Eden Project
Parashat sh’lach 5775 A Divine Rendezvous


Giants and Grasshoppers
How is hatred related to the sin of the spies? what is the core of the sin?

Forgive Forget?
After the "sin of the Spies" a group of Jews ask for forgiveness and start the trip to Israel. Who were they why did they fail?

Narrative and Law in Bamidbar
An analysis how the law and narrative in the Book of Bamidbar compliment one another

The significance of Yehoshua having his name changed

Constant Toxic Complaints
The antecedents to the sin of the spies and punishment of the generation

Of Wine and Bread
The interconnection between the laws and narrative after the sin of the "spies"

The Story of the Spies; What was Moshe Thinking
The story of the spies; a comparison of the narrative of the episode of the spies between the Book of Bamidbar and the narrative in Dvarim. Why did Moshe wish to send the spies, and in what way did he agree with them?;_What_was_Moshe_Thinking;_Haftorah_for_Shelach

The argument for tekhelet in light of the discovery of the Murex, an analysis of the various objections to the fulfillment of this mitzva in our time - and responses to those objections.

The stories of the spies and baseless hatred




The Spies

Have I Got a Land For You

Of Spies and Men


To Climb the Mountain

The Spies

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