Sunday, January 4, 2015

Audio and Essays Parashat Shmot

Audio and Essays Parashat Shmot

May the Torah studied this week be in the memory of HaRav Reuven Yochanan ben Avraham and Sarah Stafford – a great Jew, who took a fascinating path in life, who passed away this week. Rabbi Stafford gave me honor I did not quite deserve. As no one is sitting shiva for him – please have him in mind when you learn this week.

New Echoes of Eden Project:

Audio shiurim

A Sign Of Redemption

A new King - who Forgot Yosef (5772)

Recreating The World

Regaining Innocence

Shmot Moshes Delay Vaeira Burning Bush

Straw (advanced)

Straw (basic)

The Development Of Moshe

The Leadership Of Moshe

Shmot - a Brief Overview What Is FREEDOM

Why Moshe Was Chosen

Sefer Shmot and the Confusing Chronology

Who Forgot - and Who Remembered Yosef? (5773)

The Metamorphosis of Moshe

The Choice of Moshe as Leader


A New Book, An Old Story 

Moshe: The Emergence of a Leader

Collecting Straw

Born to Lead

Fathers and Sons

Moses' Stop

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