Sunday, November 29, 2015

Audio and Essays Parashat Vayeshev

Audio and Essays Parashat Vayeshev

New Echoes of Eden Project:

Parashat Vayeshev 5776 Family Dynamics

The Dynamics of a Dysfunctional Patriarchal Family

Anointing a King

The Light of Mashiach

A Dysfunctional Family

Yehuda and Yosef

Vayeishev Miketz

Yosef Chalitzah Metatron

And here's to you Mrs Potifar

Parshat Vayeshev and Chanuka


Reading the Signs

A Contentious Coat

For a Pair of Shoes

Ketz Bavel –Zerubavel

Wisdom of the Tzaddik

Clothes Make the Man

The Light of the Messiah

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