Thursday, January 30, 2020

Parashat Bo; Lectures and Essays

Parashat Bo; Lectures and Essays


New Shiur:

The Revealed Objective of the Exodus

The Unraveling of Egypt


More assorted lectures from the past few weeks

כגון שייחדו לשבע בן בכרי

Euthanasia part 2

Rabbenu Tam and Martyrdom; a Strange Introduction to Euthanasia

The Four who Entered Pardes - an Introduction

R' Elazar Ben Arak


New Five-Minute Torah– 

It's about the Children



Seeing the Future



Five-Minute Torah– 

The Secret of Redemption




Five-minute Torah – The Stages of Freedom






Show me the Money


Emancipation from Mental Slavery


The Secret of Redemption

Stages of Freedom


Left in the Dark


Sunset of the Regime - Leaving Egypt


Footsteps of freedom


Eclipsing the Sun God


The Moment of Freedom


Pharaoh's Responses to the Plagues


Rebbi Yehuda gave Simanim


Transcending Time


Torah Readings for Pesach

The Evolving Haggada (Hebrew)


The wickedness of the wicked son; a textual analysis


Parshat Bo - Did Leaving Egypt Include Deception?


Around Midnight


Pesach - Four Sons - Four Questions


Pesach matzah maror; biblical antecedents.


Stringencies on Pesach (good or bad?)


Chametz (not) fit for man and dog



חייב אדם לעסוק בהלכות הפסח כל הלילה




The Collapse of the Pyramid Scheme


The Steps of Freedom


Total Eclipse

It’s the Children


Of Matzot and Mitzvot


Shabbat HaGadol


Around Midnight


Time for Freedom


The First Born


The Wicked Son in the Passover Haggadah


The Dignity of Mitzvot - Parshat Bo


Rabbi Yehuda gave them Signs


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