Monday, February 18, 2013

Parshat Titzaveh - Parshat Zachor -Megilat Esther and Laws of Purim

Here is a LOT of material on the Parsha and Purim

Have a good week – Shabbat shalom and very happy Purim!



Audio Shiurim - Lectures


Remembering and Understanding the war against Amalek

Zachor Purim Story

Aharon HaKohen
Parshat Tetzaveh - The Secret Behind the Choice of Aharon

Kimu Vekiblu (Matan)

Haftorah The Firstborn

The awe of the Mishkan

Adam and Eve

Parsha Titzaveh 5772 - Choosing a Kohen

Purim and Receiving The Torah

Going Back Prior to Knowledge (Purim)

Mishenichnas Adar

Purim 65

Purim Yom Kippurim

The Joy Of Adar


Crossdressing For Purim

The Story of Esther Hidden and Revealed

Mishloach Manot

Amalek Zaycher Zecher or Zachor

Ad Dlo Yada - Drinking on Purim

Esther as a Precedent for a Woman to Use Sexuality to save Lives


"Amalek: a Question of Race?"

Parshat Ki Tisa - Purim 5769 Mar Dror: The Kohen Gadol and Purim/Yom Kippurim

Purim and the Masks We Wear

The Heroism of Esther

The Book of Esther - A Multifaceted Book

Where is Moses?

Royal Clothing

Parshat Titzave 5769- The Selection of Aharon

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