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Purim Torah - Torah for Purim

Purim Torah


A Literary Analysis of the Book of Esther,

Based on Midrashic Comments and Psychological Profiling


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Drinking on Purim Halacha and Aggada




A Non-Violent Eradication of Amalek


Vashti and Friends - Introduction to Esther


From Vashti to Esther



An Unwitting Benefactor



May Haman be Blessed



 “Reshit- Beginning”


Parashat KiTetze Amalek and Fearing God




The Battle Before the Battle



When Moshe and the people reached "Ad Dlo Yadah"


Achashverosh the Faux Kohen


Obsessive Hatred of Holiness


Blessed Be Haman?


May Haman be Blessed? (5 min.)


The Secret Identity of Esther

Drinking, Purim and Yom Kippur

Follow the Threads

Vashti and Esther; Feminism and Post-Feminism

Why Two Rebukes?

Esther From Purim to Yom Kippurim; An ancient postmodern perspective on Esther

The Struggle against Amalek


קריאת מגילה בציבור


פורים משולש - חלק א׳

זמן סעודת פורים


משלוח מנות


Remembering and Understanding the war against Amalek


Amalek Zaycher Zecher or Zachor


Cross-dressing for Purim


Ad Dlo Yada - Drinking on Purim


Esther as a Precedent


Mishloach Manot


Parshat Zachor (5773-A comparison of the two Amalek sections in the Torah including the larger contexts)


The story of Esther hidden and revealed (analysis of the story based on the Rav, and the Zohar)


Will the real Adar


Kimu Vekiblu (Matan)

When Adar Starts - the Joy Begins



Amalek a Question of Race? (Updated)


PURIM / A Tale of Two Megilot


Purim and the Masks We Wear


Parshat Zachor (Deuteronomy 25:17-19) A Question of Race? (Updated 2019)


Parshat Ki Tisa - Purim 5769 Mar Dror: The Kohen Gadol and Purim/Yom Kippurim


The Heroism of Esther


The Book of Esther - A Multifaceted Book


Intrigue in Shushan


Parshat Ki Tavo “Reshit- Beginning”

Intrigue in Shushan - Rabbi Ari Kahn on Parsha - OU Torah

Purim and the Masks We Wear - Rabbi Ari Kahn on Parsha - OU Torah


Blessed Be Haman? (5778)


Purim: Knowing Tomorrow (5775)


Purim 5769 (5769)


The Heroism of Esther (5761)






Torah for Purim

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